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Bachelor of Architecture

Abigail Phillips

As a member of the Bioclimatic Architecture Labs studio we concern ourselves with the characteristics of a site, such as its climate, topography, industry and geology. We do this in order to minimize the energy needs of a scheme and create a more efficient environment, capable of adapting to the requirements of its inhabitants.  

This year the project focused on the Manchester Ship Canal. ECO_scape Observatory at the New Three Graces, Bromborough, was an architectural response to extensive analysis of the area.

Three buildings, integrated in their river setting, will serve as a catalyst for regeneration of the local area. The future progression of the square and beneficial remediative impact of the ECO_scape masterplan will create a new ecological city  centre to rival that of Liverpool. This in turn will create a shift from the fossilised city centre of Liverpool to the new city centre at Bromborough.

Abigail Phillips - Section ECO_scape Observatory

Section ECO_scape Observatory

Tags: Architecture, Bioclimatic, Industrial, Renewable Energies

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