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BA (Hons) Photography

Adam Tonge

My work is primarily observations of the population of cities. Through these observations similarities became apparent within the images that I had been taking in cities across the world. These similarities, irrespective of a people’s heritage, beliefs or political systems, make the general populace of cities appear to be the same. Forced to compete in the rat race through accepting small benefits in exchange for their ‘freedom’, they are therefore happy to live as subjugates in order to retain their place within society.

It’s the acceptance of this subaltern role that unites the general population of cities. The people in this project appear isolated from the world in which they live but all of whom have one big thing in common with each other. That is the fact that they are united through subjugation.

Adam Tonge - Salford, 2012

Salford, 2012

Adam Tonge - Coney Island, New York, 2011

Coney Island, New York, 2011

Adam Tonge - Manchester, 2012

Manchester, 2012

Adam Tonge - Marrakech, 2009

Marrakech, 2009

Tags: 35mm Film, Darkroom, Documentary, Marxism, Neoliberalism, Social

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