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BA (Hons) Architecture

Aiste Strazdaite

Culture should be seen as a more complex entity, a process as well as a product, a way of life as well as an artefact, a mode of production as well as a mode of consumption ( Montgomery, 1990 ).

One of the techniques that has been used as a tool for urban development in recent years is that of cultural regeneration. This is seen as a means of restoring and improving the quality of urban life through the enhancement and development of unique characteristics of Northern quarter.

With an aim of employing this strategy, I designed a community park and arts incubator, which would work not only a as complex generator of various cultural activities in a area, but also would become a destination rather than just a passing point.Proposed building consists of  three main units and accommodates various cultural, art and community facilities.

Aiste Strazdaite - Location plan

Location plan

Aiste Strazdaite - Interior views

Interior views

Aiste Strazdaite - Primary structure

Primary structure

Aiste Strazdaite - Perspective


Aiste Strazdaite - Secondary envelope

Secondary envelope

Aiste Strazdaite - Elevations


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