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BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

Alex Breen

I am a glass blower. My aim in my practice is to celebrate glass as a beautiful medium.

My work is based on creating pieces that intrigue the audience and break down the barrier that glass is untouchable. To do this I create work that is beautiful with an aspect that is interesting and piques my audiences’ curiosity. For my latest work I found inspiration from sea anemones and made pieces that emphasised the uniqueness and the movement captured by these unusual creatures. This meant I made pieces that flow together and stand out from the crowd, creating work that engages your imagination.

Alex Breen.

Alex Breen - collection of 3 anemones

collection of 3 anemones

Alex Breen - Close up of smallest anemone

Close up of smallest anemone

Alex Breen - Multicoloured anemone

Multicoloured anemone

Tags: Anemones, Glass Blowing, Sea Creatures

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