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BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

Alexandra Parkinson

I am a maker.

Inspired by natural forms and repetition, I explore unconventional methods of form making using traditional metalworking tools such as hammers, steaks, swage block, rolling mill and the anvil.

Through direct contact with the material, I observe, learn and respond, working with it intuitively to allow organic and intriguing three dimensional forms to grow from the starting point of a single sheet of metal.

 I aim to entice the viewer, inviting them to take a closer look through an intimate connection with the objects.

Alexandra Parkinson -  Gold Bangle

Gold Bangle

Alexandra Parkinson - Crinkle Earrings

Crinkle Earrings

Alexandra Parkinson - Selection of Rings

Selection of Rings

Tags: Fold Forming, Metal, Natural Forms, Repetition

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