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BA (Hons) Architecture

Alia Paschali

Architecture should, in my opinion, have a concept ‘behind’ it, an efficient and functional programme ‘inside’ it and a strong relationship with its surroundings.

My final year project is, therefore, a hybrid programmatic response to my site’s local community’s culture. My building proposal attempts to bring together the natural / rural and the urban environments.

Located along Rochdale Road, a central part of Collyhurst, the proposal acts as a transition between the two fabrics and attempts to regenerate the area by reducing unemployment and social problems associated with it.

My proposal consists of an industrial paper making facility, with an advertising façade facing the city and an inner-city sailing club in the reservoir created as a result of the water-intensive paper making process.

Building technology and materiality and the concept of ‘building as sign’ are essential parts of my proposal, and are used to reflect this rural / urban transition.

Alia Paschali - Location plan

Location plan

Alia Paschali - Interior and exterior visualisations

Interior and exterior visualisations

Alia Paschali - Building concept and materiality

Building concept and materiality

Alia Paschali - Exterior visualisation - View from Rochdale Road

Exterior visualisation - View from Rochdale Road

Alia Paschali - Elevations


Alia Paschali - Detail elevation and section

Detail elevation and section

Tags: Environmental Design, Hybrid, Natural, Timber, Transition, Urban

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