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BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Amy Marsh

Transient Images of Visual Playfulness

My work consists of a series of instant ideas, which have been developed into stand-alone images, each aiming to provoke an interpretation from its onlooker. I have left space for freethinking to happen, purposefully choosing the core of an idea but not providing a complex narrative that swamps the image itself. My pieces are delicate on some levels but are at other times designed to be humorous and blunt. I found that during the development and composition process that each image has its own voice. I have envisioned many of my designs as prints with an intention to create pieces that are sellable and enjoyable for others. 

Amy Marsh - Swimmers


Amy Marsh - Tattoo's My Dad Doesn't Have

Tattoo's My Dad Doesn't Have

Amy Marsh - Boobs The Manual

Boobs The Manual

Amy Marsh - Me and My BFF

Me and My BFF

Amy Marsh - Belly Button Olympics

Belly Button Olympics

Tags: 3d, Bold, Colour, Human Pyramid, Illustration, Language, Llama, Pattern, Playful, Print, Screen Print, Simple, Space, Swimmers

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