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BA (Hons) Interactive Arts

Brigid Smart

"Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not."    George Bernard Shaw.

I am driven by a desire to inhabit the virtual worlds and life experiences promised in a pre-computerized age: immersive, extraordinary, magical places, which in reality remain, beyond the realms of possibility.

I enjoy creating illusionistic fantasy environments exploring the extent to which traditional techniques and contemporary technology provide an infinite pool of possibilities and resources. I become totally absorbed in exploring and developing my ideas and the elation experienced, as projects evolve, is addittive.

My current practice focuses on creating abstract animations through a series of replications. The process drives the creation into a moving trail of morphing images through time and space.

From manipluated drawings, photographs and found media I create and animate shadows and images. I edit video and develop creative text.

My main interests are animation, interactive installations and illustration.

Brigid Smart - Doire Na Broc (2012) Video Still

Doire Na Broc (2012) Video Still

Brigid Smart - Business Card

Business Card

Brigid Smart - River Patterns

River Patterns

Brigid Smart - Chaos in Motion (2011) Video still

Chaos in Motion (2011) Video still

Brigid Smart - Video Still

Video Still

Brigid Smart - Ideas


Tags: Animation, Drawings, Exploring What Lies Beyond, Illusion, Kinetic Art, Photographs, Shadows, Video

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