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BA (Hons) Photography

Charlotte Robson

My work in my last year has developed through a consistent practice of photomontage. An awareness and growing interest of my architectural surroundings first drew me to the subject matters I have practiced with this academic year. As a result, this series of work has been developed from an exploration of manmade spaces and buildings, and finally Lancashire’s cotton industry. The earliest montages of Manchester were an experimentation developed from a detailed study on photomontage, drawing a number of different aspects from a limitless archive of styles. My final pieces centred on the cotton industry, and I hoped to represent my findings from research in a visual context. I have applied montage techniques using heritage images against recent captions and mixed media within the context of the project. I am still currently developing my photomontage techniques and hope to carry on producing individual and fascinating pieces. 

Charlotte Robson - Behind the palace Hotel

Behind the palace Hotel

Charlotte Robson - Factory Life. 1st Series

Factory Life. 1st Series

Charlotte Robson - Piccadilly Gardens

Piccadilly Gardens

Charlotte Robson - Factory Life. 2nd series

Factory Life. 2nd series

Charlotte Robson - Macintosh Mill

Macintosh Mill

Charlotte Robson - Suicide club

Suicide club

Tags: Architecture, Cotton Mills, Dada, Manchester, Montage, Photomontage

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