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BA (Hons) Interior Design

Christine Allan

My textile background has enabled me to explore and develop conceptually, whilst an interest in detailing has ensured my designs are feasible in practise. I like to explore current issues, whilst creating original uses in my designs.


Future ageing is a significant topic of concern which I felt strongly about to investigate. The centre is for the Manchester community to encourage the development of old trades, whilst providing the elderly with a key role in communication through storytelling.

Located in Castlefield, Knott Mill Chapel enjoys scenic views of Bridgewater canal whilst benefiting from a city centre location. A series of vertically stacked archetypal somestic scaled houses provides a variety ofcommunity environments enabling the elderly to impart their stories, wisdom and knowledge whilst bringing back old trades. The project aims to draw all walks of life to the centre and share these socialities together holistically.

Christine Allan - crèche house

crèche house

Christine Allan - stitch house detail + model

stitch house detail + model

Christine Allan - story house

story house

Christine Allan - model 1:100

model 1:100

Christine Allan - stitch house

stitch house

Christine Allan - sections 1:50

sections 1:50

Tags: Children, Community, Corian, House, Interior Design, Listen, Oak, Receive, Skill, Sound, Story, Trade, Transmit, Wood

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