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Bachelor of Architecture

Christopher Bayly

Runcorn and Widnes are two towns either side of the Manchester Ship Canal. They have inherent problems of education, unemployment, apathy and crime. I believe one of the main contributors to these problems is the stagnant chemical industry that dominates the two towns.

The proposal is to create a phased materplan that will remediate the chemical industry into a post industrial, educational landscape based on the philosophies and readings of Ernst Schumacher. New ecological methods of production will be researched, tested, produced and distributed.

 Within the masterplan will be the Schumacher Campus that interprets Schumacher’s readings into departments with a global (relating to the ship canal’s global hinterland) and local (Relating to the community) focus. The Schumacher Street that runs through the building and overall masterplan divides the global and local departments.

Christopher Bayly - Nature Overtakes Industry

Nature Overtakes Industry

Christopher Bayly - A Farmer's Market Within 'Scumacher Street'

A Farmer's Market Within 'Scumacher Street'

Christopher Bayly - A Post-Industrial Educational Landscape

A Post-Industrial Educational Landscape

Christopher Bayly - 'Schumacher Street'

'Schumacher Street'

Christopher Bayly - Sectional Perspective Looking North

Sectional Perspective Looking North

Christopher Bayly - The Building Becomes a Beacon for the Overall Masterplan

The Building Becomes a Beacon for the Overall Masterplan

Tags: Campus, Community, Education, Girardet, Global, Local, Post-industrial, Remediation, Schumacher

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