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BA (Hons) Interior Design

Corinne Tolson

'The Man Who Fell Through The Clouds'

Inspired by the story of Lieutenant Colonel William Henry Rankin who lived to tell the tale of a dramatic and painful 40 minute journey, through a cumulonimbus storm cloud.  My design embraces the power and splendor of the weather, creating a space which interacts, and changes with Manchester’s climate.  Stimulating the public through installations and exhibitions which are just as unpredictable as the weather itself. 

About me:

I have an enthusiastic imagination, which has fuelled creativity throughout my life. Inspired visually through a strong interest in art and design, I continue to discover and learn, feeding my inquisitive mind.  I have always found the trigger for new ideas by engaging and immersing myself in everything I do.

I have a particular interested in exhibition design/building for the public, as it allows me to use my imagination and create spaces with a narrative to stimulate and excite people. 

Corinne Tolson - 'The Wall of Popping Umbrellas'

'The Wall of Popping Umbrellas'

Corinne Tolson - 'The Sound of The Wind'

'The Sound of The Wind'

Corinne Tolson - 'The Cloud of Coats'

'The Cloud of Coats'

Corinne Tolson - Short Section showing 'The Wall of Popping Umbrellas'

Short Section showing 'The Wall of Popping Umbrellas'

Corinne Tolson - 'The Solar Chamber'

'The Solar Chamber'

Corinne Tolson - 'The Rain Chamber'

'The Rain Chamber'

Tags: Architecture, Atmospheric, Chamber, Changing, Climate, Conversation, Duration, Erosion, Exhibition, Experience, Experience Interior, Exposed, Forecast, Individual, Individual., Installation, Interactive, Interior, Manchester, Material, Mediated, Mediation, Mysterious, Public, Time, Uncontrollable, Unknown, Unpredictable, Weather, Weathered, Worn

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