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Bachelor of Architecture

David Noble

This years final portfolio focussed initially on Arjun Appadurai's book 'Modernity at Large' and the industrial town of Ellesmere Port. Appadurai introduces the term 'ethnoscape' to describe a people or industry with connections both nationally and internationally and the town could be percieved as having four principal ethnoscapes. The following were key to its formation; A Cistercian Monastery north of the refinery, the Oil Refinery itself, the Vauxhall Car Plant and the Ship Canal. Using these as a backdrop the project formed around energy generation and thus biofuels due to the finite and unsustainable nature of oil. The building developed as a response to the negative issues associated with biofuels and was designed to encourage investment from emergent economies internationally thus developing a viable ethnoscape. Mimicing the technique used to generate ethanol the building's public aspect developed as a Whiskey Distillery to encourage local interest and rejuvinate the canal.

David Noble - Biofuels Exposition masterplan

Biofuels Exposition masterplan

David Noble - Whiskey sampling folly adjacent abbey ruins

Whiskey sampling folly adjacent abbey ruins

David Noble - Biofuels exposition Image

Biofuels exposition Image

David Noble - Biofuels Research Facility and Distillery

Biofuels Research Facility and Distillery

David Noble - Stanlaw Abbey project concept

Stanlaw Abbey project concept

David Noble - Building atrium

Building atrium

Tags: Biofuels, Cistercian Monastery, Ellesmere Port, Ethnoscapes, Whiskey Distillery

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