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BA (Hons) Textile Design for Fashion

Eleanor Basterfield

I am a graphic print designer and gain inspiration from the structure of anatomy, architecture and elements of the natural world. My work explores a style of portraying a concept in a progressive yet subtle way. I love to combine photography with hand drawings. Each collection portrays my work from a different perspective and displays my versatility to design for a range of different target markets.

Eleanor Basterfield - Prints Charming 1

Prints Charming 1

Eleanor Basterfield - American Dream 1

American Dream 1

Eleanor Basterfield - Prints Charming 2

Prints Charming 2

Eleanor Basterfield - American Dream 2

American Dream 2

Eleanor Basterfield - Marley 1

Marley 1

Eleanor Basterfield - Marley 2

Marley 2

Tags: Print Design

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