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BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

Eleanor Simms

 ‘On the Verge of an Exchange’

The portrayal of an exchange in a relationship and the wearable as a vehicle todescribe the misuse of trust and betrayal between two people.

I have explored how trust broke down in a real relationship between a close friendand an unknown male. Her experience of personal intrusion is a technological one. Unknown male felt the need to read her text messages, emails and Facebook correspondence without consent. Is it the tempting ability we have to follow people through social networking andthe ease of digital communication that have blurred the boundaries of what is rightand wrong? Which information is personal and what is public? In a relationship weallow another person a more intimate knowledge of ourselves, yet we remain thecontroller of their access. When a person knowingly goes in search of informationthat has not been divulged to them is it a violation, however close you are toeach other?

Eleanor Simms - Trust Can Burn You

Trust Can Burn You

Eleanor Simms

Eleanor Simms - With This Ring

With This Ring

Eleanor Simms - I Wear my Heart on my Finger

I Wear my Heart on my Finger

Eleanor Simms - Threads of Existence

Threads of Existence

Eleanor Simms - Trust Can Burn Too

Trust Can Burn Too

Tags: Craft, Jewellery, Metalwork, Mixed Media

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