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Bachelor of Architecture

Eleanor Swire

The proposed building will house a museum of photography in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter - the Barri Gotic. It will explore the relationship between reality and illusion and will question whether artifice can offer a more truthful image than an accurate reproduction. As a person walks through the building they will experience a microcosm of the Barri Gotic as they are continually reminded of its sites and character. In this way the building will resemble a photomontage. It will present a collection of images that capture the essence of a larger scene and present it in way that it can be understood and appreciated. The interior will be created from facsimiles of much loved landmarks and monuments. Unexpected, and sometimes superimposed on other insertions, they are designed to challenge and to entertain the gallery user. The insertions will ask the question “what is real?” They will direct the way the visitor perceives the buildings. Vistas have been framed and views are manipulated so that the building is experienced in a specific way. Views are deliberately truncated to evoke the Barri Gotic - where views and glances are restricted by the narrowness of streets and the proximity of other buildings. As a further layer of complexity, it will house an art form and the work of an artist dedicated to exploring the gap between the real and the unreal.

Eleanor Swire - physical model  view along Avinguda de la Catedral

physical model view along Avinguda de la Catedral

Eleanor Swire - physical model  view along Carrers dels Boters

physical model view along Carrers dels Boters

Tags: Collage, Fragments, Photography, Superimposition

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