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BA (Hons) Architecture

Elhameh Abrishami

This project was all about designing a hybrid concept to meet the community's needs and sit perfectly on the site. I tried to combine what was discovered in the site analysis stages of the project and tie them all together to create a hybrid programme for the location.The Collyhurst Interchange Station will provide all transportation links such as taxi, bus, tram, train, cars and bikes to the site and out. It also includes community requirements for instance cafe, restaurant, shops and free Wi-Fi access inside the building. It even created some job opportunities for the community.

Elhameh Abrishami - Site plan

Site plan

Elhameh Abrishami - Exterior perspective

Exterior perspective

Elhameh Abrishami - Ground floor plan

Ground floor plan

Elhameh Abrishami - Technology


Elhameh Abrishami - Cross section

Cross section

Elhameh Abrishami - Interior perspective

Interior perspective

Tags: Architecture, Collyhurst, Community, Environmental Analysis, Interchange Station, Laminated Timber, Links, Manchester, Networks, Sustainable Material, Transportation, Uraban Evaluation

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