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Bachelor of Architecture

Emily Hale

In my first year of the Bachelor of Architecture course, I was in the biomimetic design unit.  In my dissertation I investigated the potential to increase sustainability in the built environment through employing biomimetic architectural design strategies.  I undertook three varied design projects: A flood disaster relief shelter in Pakistan, a music centre in the UNESCO world heritage site of Fez Medina in Morocco, and a renovation project of the grade II* listed Victoria Baths in Manchester, regenerating it with a new spa and hydrotherapy centre.  In my second year I joined the MSA_Projects unit, designing a centre providing services and accommodation to facilitate the transition of women out of homelessness and street prostitution.  Around 50% of the female sex workers in Manchester are homeless, and approximately 98% have drug/alcohol addictions.  Along with other issues such as mental illness and low self-esteem, these women are most in need of help. 

Emily Hale - Detail Isometric CAD Model

Detail Isometric CAD Model

Emily Hale - 1:50 Technical Detail Section

1:50 Technical Detail Section

Emily Hale - First Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Emily Hale - Victoria Baths Spa Project

Victoria Baths Spa Project

Emily Hale - Sectional Elevation

Sectional Elevation

Emily Hale - Visualisations


Tags: Architecture, Ardwick, Biomimicry, Cad, Community, Design, Homeless, Manchester, Prostitution, Social Enterprise, Victoria Baths

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