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BA (Hons) Textiles

Emma Alviti

With an aim to evoke a fun and uplifting atmosphere for an interiors context, I have been inspired by flight. Imagery such as charasmatic birds, hot air balloon take offs, majestic windmills, planes and staggering aerial views have informed my designs. The notions of sequencing and distortion have created images that move in and out of focus and have abstracted the illustrative. This combination of abstract and illustrative is key to my designs, creating a quirky feel. Contrasting hand drawn, digital and photographic elements adds a depth to my designs. Contrasts such as these are continued through to my digital and analogue approach during production, creating a contemporary working process which raises the surface, including digital printing, screen printing, pleating and laser cutting. My work is divided into mini collections, showing my versatile nature. In the future I aspire to work for an interiors company, producing contemporary print designs.

Emma Alviti - 'Skimmer'


Emma Alviti - 'Blue-footed Booby'

'Blue-footed Booby'

Emma Alviti - 'Cascade'


Emma Alviti - 'Flight Amongst the Peaks'

'Flight Amongst the Peaks'

Emma Alviti - 'Biplanes & Windmills'

'Biplanes & Windmills'

Emma Alviti - 'Balloon Trip'

'Balloon Trip'

Tags: Birds, Character, Digital Print, Distortion, Flight, Furnishings, Hot Air Balloons, Illustrator, Interiors, Kites, Laser Cut, Movement, Parachuters, Photoshop, Planes, Playful, Pleating, Screen Print, Sequences, Sky, Wallpaper, Windmills

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