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BA (Hons) Interactive Arts

Enya Koster

I am primarily a model maker who works in different mediums to achieve my concepts which are usually story based. For instance 'Hooked' is a story that is commenting on the changes that are happening in our society, as well as the ideas of reflection and the transformation from man to fish.My only want is to make people feel in awe of my stories and to make them dwell into the fantasies I create.  

Enya Koster - Miss Salmone

Miss Salmone

Enya Koster - Mrs Frutelli

Mrs Frutelli

Enya Koster - Mr Edd

Mr Edd

Enya Koster - Fish-Human Hybrid Photography

Fish-Human Hybrid Photography

Tags: Art Dolls, Hybrid, Model Making, Realism, Surrealism

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