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BA (Hons) Interior Design

Fiona Fraser

The Art Of Rehabilitation

British soldiers have been battling against terror in Afghanistan for the past 10 years. On a daily basis the media reports on the war but they have failed to highlight that the effect of war does not end on the battlefield. Everyday the wounded battle with the challenges of life with either a physical disability or the emotional scars of war.

The objective was to create a rehabilitation centre, for the injured soldiers; an environment designed to ensure recovery through determination, creativity and teamwork.

Located within the Castlefield Heritage Park, Knott Mill Chapel offers those resident a beautiful water front view which is incorporated into the design with the pool extending out to the canal side and garden facilities.

With a passion to design and detail, I largely express this through drawing my thoughts and ideas.  I like being able to capture the essence of a place and use it to communicate or visualise space.

Fiona Fraser - Education Space

Education Space

Fiona Fraser - The Entrance

The Entrance

Fiona Fraser - Creative Space

Creative Space

Fiona Fraser - Garden - Canal Side

Garden - Canal Side

Fiona Fraser - Social Space - Cafe and gaming

Social Space - Cafe and gaming

Fiona Fraser - Pool Rehabilitation Area, Mezzanine Gym

Pool Rehabilitation Area, Mezzanine Gym

Tags: Creativity, Determination, Drawing, Future, Rehabilitate, Team Work, Visualise

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