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BA (Hons) Fine Art

Gillian Stubbings

My work is the product of an imaginary world where evolution has taken an alternative path. It is the outcome of a fantasy but it is informed by the history, science, and culture of our society. It is rooted in my interest in people - our social structures and constraints and what we are willing to believe when provided with information from authoritative establishments.

The methods used to articulate the imaginary world are drawing and illustration, sculpture and taxidermy, performance and time based media. These are the various ways of seeing, exploring and documenting that are traditionally used in art and science and the area where they overlap. 

As the artist I play many roles. I can be the creator or I can be the explorer and discoverer. Sometimes through my body, in performance, I am the work itself. 

Gillian Stubbings - Delta, Photograph of performance.

Delta, Photograph of performance.

Gillian Stubbings

Tags: Illustration, Performance, Sculpture, Taxidermy, Time Based Media

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