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BA (Hons) Textiles

Hannah Porter

Road kill, and the relationship between humans and animals are interests that have influenced my final piece. I wanted to approach the subject in a subtle manner and began thinking about different materials that I could work with that would portray the theme without being obvious.

The inspiration came from photographs of road kill. Having initially found these quite disturbing, I eventually began to see beauty in the colour and form within the photographs.  This inspired me to produce a collection of knitted garments in which beauty and horror run throughout.

I began collecting human hair from the hairdressers and invested in synthetic hair extensions to incorporate into my collection.

I have used monofilament, using the pocket technique on the dubied machine, combined with alpaca wool, human and synthetic hair.  The use of hair in my pieces could be considered absurd, or even disturbing, which are elements I wanted to achieve, in creating my collection of knitted garments.

Hannah Porter - Distressed.


Hannah Porter - Road kill collection.

Road kill collection.

Hannah Porter - Design Development.

Design Development.

Hannah Porter - Road kill jacket.

Road kill jacket.

Hannah Porter - Wild horses.

Wild horses.

Hannah Porter - Hair sample.

Hair sample.

Tags: Fashion Knitwear Design, Hair, Knitted Textiles, Road Kill

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