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Bachelor of Architecture

Hayley Belcher

The project utilises the waste hot water produced by the local nuclear power station in Heysham, Lancashire to master plan three new communities, tourist, retired and family, with ‘free’ hot water and heating. With the focus of the project being a spa, which is situated in the middle of these three communities.Heysham Peninsula is situated at the southern point of Morecambe bay and is the ‘edgeland’ of the town of Morecambe and the city of Lancaster. The peninsula is an area of low laying, flat farmland and an area of natural beauty. Middleton and Overton are two small villages within the peninsula, and these along with Heysham village are dependent on Morecambe and Lancaster for their retail and leisure facilities.The project has two strategies, the first being the hot water. The three communities of a static caravan park, retirement bungalows and family housing are dictated by the grid organisation laid out by the hot water pipe system creating ‘plots’ of homes on the grid. ‘Green corridors’ run adjacent to the pipe network opening the coastline to the communities. The family housing provides social and economic balance to the existing high number of tourists and retired population in the peninsula.The second logic is that of a leisure axis of programme. This runs through the three communities to the coast. The axis provides the population with programme to meet their everyday needs, which allows Heysham to became less dependent on Morecambe and Lancaster.The focus of the project is a Spa; the spa sits on the leisure axis and is situated in the middle of the three communities. The spa uses the ‘free’ hot water from the nuclear plant as a source of sustainable heat for the high water temperature required for the baths water and the heating of the building. This vastly reduces the usual environmental and economic costs of this type of programme.    

Hayley Belcher - Static Caravan Park

Static Caravan Park

Hayley Belcher

Hayley Belcher - Masterplan


Hayley Belcher - Park on the Roof

Park on the Roof

Hayley Belcher

Hayley Belcher

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