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BA (Hons) Fashion

Helena Lowrey

I am a conscientious, thoughtful and hard working Womenswear Designer, who enjoys playing with South East Asian indigenous influences, placing these within contemporary designs. Notable strengths in knitting and tailoring are combined with a bold use of volume, texture and colour.  Extensive travel in South East Asia, Australia, U.S.A and Europe, has provided understanding and insight into different cultures and an awareness of global trends.

My final collection is a blend of sculptural knit and tailoring, two completely different spectrums of fashion. These designs are based around Filipino indigenous influences with an assortment of fun inspired from their fiestas and a combination of tailoring from all WWII uniforms which truly inspired the whole collection. 

Helena Lowrey - 'You wanted massive, you got massive'

'You wanted massive, you got massive'

Helena Lowrey

Helena Lowrey - Final Graduate Collection

Final Graduate Collection

Helena Lowrey

Helena Lowrey - Inspiration


Helena Lowrey

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