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BA (Hons) Fine Art

James Green

My work is heavily influenced by the discarded and forgotten objects that I have salvaged from my urban surroundings. The people I include are often aged, weathered and worn by time. They are pensive, contemplating the ever changing nature of themselves and their surroundings. I aim to relate them to the piece as if the people and the object have aged separately but belong together.

I have introduced an architectural element to my pieces giving an extra dimension to the work, scaffolding acting like a cocoon that encases the old and enables something new to form or emerge. Due to the use of found objects my work has developed into what I like to refer to as sculptural, regenerative painting.

James Green - Street Sign 2

Street Sign 2

James Green - Wood Carving

Wood Carving

James Green - Street Sign 1

Street Sign 1

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