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BA (Hons) Fine Art

Jodie Kemp

These pieces have progressed out of ideas surrounding layering, repetition and anxiety. With the way my anxiety is heightened by the lack of unpredictability artwork can often have, and thus my need to have control of that, The work I create now is very much becoming an obsessive process of a repeating behaviour in order to ease my own psychological state

Jodie Kemp - unpicked canvas material

unpicked canvas material

Jodie Kemp - Planed Stretcher Wood

Planed Stretcher Wood

Jodie Kemp - Sawn easel

Sawn easel

Jodie Kemp - Paintbrush Bristles

Paintbrush Bristles

Jodie Kemp - Bristleless Paintbrushes

Bristleless Paintbrushes

Jodie Kemp - Shredded Sketchbooks

Shredded Sketchbooks

Tags: Anxiety, Layering, Repetition

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