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BA (Hons) Interactive Arts

Joel Moore

As an artist I feel my main role is to depict the modern, contemporary world around me with its many flaws. I do this through the use of everyday objects and discarded toys, in particular iconic characters which are ingrained in modern culture and span generations. The playful nature of these objects and their place within our childhood, stimulate and engage the viewer providing a platform to address broader issues within society such as consumerism and social stereotypes.

By subverting these objects I am not only changing their appearance and identity but also the context in which they are perceived, exploring our relationship with these items while questioning their ultimate role within society.

My recent work is centred around superheroes, investigating what these characters symbolise and exploring the ideologies and stereotypes they promote regarding gender roles and body issues which are reinforced through childhood.

My fascination with all things miniature coupled with a strong sense of attention to detail have led me to construct a series of detailed dioramas to house my customised figures and strengthen the narratives within my work. These miniature scenes show a world where these once powerful and immortal characters become mortal, facing the same daily pressures and expectations placed on all of us. Re-imagined for a new generation, here the extraordinary become the ordinary and fantasy blurs with reality.

Joel Moore - Fat Superman, Superheroes series

Fat Superman, Superheroes series

Joel Moore - Modified mechanical trainer

Modified mechanical trainer

Joel Moore - Urban Alliance 3d series

Urban Alliance 3d series

Joel Moore - Skull made from army men

Skull made from army men

Joel Moore - Old Batman, Superhero seres

Old Batman, Superhero seres

Joel Moore - Obese Barbie Diorama

Obese Barbie Diorama

Tags: 3d, Grafitti, Superheroes, Urban

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