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BA (Hons) Architecture

Jonathan May

My project is a hybrid of a boxing gym and a police training centre.  The boxing gym provides physical fitness training for the trainee police officers, and the police presence ensures safety for the boxers.  The site is an office car park north of Piccadilly Station, and is surrounded by the three roads Baird St, Congou St and Chapeltown St.

The highlight of the scheme is an outdoor boxing event inspired by the film Fight Club. The materiality of my design reflects the surrounding context with brick industrial buildings towards the east in Ancoats, and glass office blocks towards the west in the City Centre.  The building is most active at night, and the contrasting lights represent the colour of the police force and street lighting for the boxing gym.

I enjoy creating physical models, and I find that this is the best way for me to express myself architecturally.

Jonathan May - Boxing gym interior

Boxing gym interior

Jonathan May - Wall detail model

Wall detail model

Jonathan May - Day elevations

Day elevations

Jonathan May - Outdoor boxing under the gym

Outdoor boxing under the gym

Jonathan May - Night elevations

Night elevations

Jonathan May - Night time approach to building

Night time approach to building

Tags: Ancoats, Boxing, Brick, Fight Club, Glass, Hybrid, Light, Model Making, Models, Neon, Police, Regeneration, Reglit, Shadows

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