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BA (Hons) Textiles

Kate Berry

The theme is ‘City Life’ looking at Architecture from cities such as, New York and Paris. I am interested in what these cities portray and what makes them unique to their locations. I have captured the atmosphere in and around the city, focusing on the subject matter associated with the specific locations which includes street lamps, sign posts, bikes and birds etc, depicting scenes of street life. My drawing has influenced my design ideas. I have aimed my work towards an Interior context as this is appropriate for my work. I have designed for wallpapers and upholstery. I researched furnishing/interior designers who inspire me such as Sanderson and Osborne and Little. I discovered ‘Toile’ wallpaper, a classic design from the late 18th Century. A pattern consisting of usually white or off-white background on which a repeated pattern showing a fairly complex scene, generally of a pastoral theme, for example, a couple having a picnic by a lake.  I explored this through a combination of photography and drawing to manipulate my ideas further through Photoshop and illustrator. I have explored colour, surface and composition. I experimented further with my designs and drawings using methods such as digital print. Artists who have inspired me by their own unique approach to architecture are Rob Wilson, Raoul Duffy and Paul Hogarth. They each have their own style of drawing and using colour. I have variety in my collections by using different colour pallets. For my own contemporary twist, I have used minimal colour in some of my collections. I am inspired by Anne Valverde and her use of bright bursts of colour against black and greys. I have tested this out with some of my designs from New York as I felt it would suit it best with its modern, chic reputation. I have used colour to describe the atmosphere I am trying to create, for example, a lively, serene or tranquil impression.

Kate Berry - Toile Wallpaper Design

Toile Wallpaper Design

Kate Berry - Drawing


Kate Berry

Kate Berry - Room Divider Screen

Room Divider Screen

Kate Berry - My photograph

My photograph

Kate Berry

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