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BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

Kate Caldwell

My curiosity with the brain began by exploring the link between dyslexia and creativity. Through my research into the learning disability I became fascinated with the brain and how it works. A revolution in brain imaging has allowed us for the first time to see inside the brain and to visualise the complex neuron systems that control us, we are beginning to understand how thinking happens. I explore through glass and resin the idea of information travelling through the brain creating ‘brain pattern.’ By using colour and text hidden within the brain cast I want to ignite a curiosity within the viewer.

I work in glass and resin, using both text transfers and color within the casts. The process of making the glass brain casts is long, some being cast twice. Once the brain cast is complete I often cut and polish sections to revel the hidden patterns within.

Kate Caldwell - Glass Brain Segments

Glass Brain Segments

Kate Caldwell - The Dyslexic Mind

The Dyslexic Mind

Kate Caldwell - Glass Brain Detail

Glass Brain Detail

Kate Caldwell - The Dyslexic Mind Detail

The Dyslexic Mind Detail

Kate Caldwell - Glass Brain Memory

Glass Brain Memory

Kate Caldwell - Glass Brain Detail

Glass Brain Detail

Tags: Cast, Design, Glass, Resin

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