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BA (Hons) Interactive Arts

Katie Barnes

Inspired by the world around us, locations and how we perceive them, I try to find ways to present my explorations through this subject matter. I work with a variety of mediums, but I mostly use paper, ink, and for installation pieces, I favour light, projections and photographic documentation. I find using simple materials and tools do not complicate the information on display, which allows the viewer to interpret my work on a personal level. My work reflects upon themes of science and geography. I have a long-running fascination with cartography and maps. I utilise pre-existing information such as geographical maps and data on stars to create art-work altogether inspired and ambitious. My degree show is concerned with how things of apparent permanence, such as architecture and constellations, are in a constant state of transience, despite often being taken for granted as a static factor in our fast-paced modern environment.

Katie Barnes - On site light projections.

On site light projections.

Katie Barnes - Layered maps. Digital projection onto a detailed paper cut-out.

Layered maps. Digital projection onto a detailed paper cut-out.

Katie Barnes - Geographical constellations.

Geographical constellations.

Katie Barnes - The Glossop Town Centre constellation.

The Glossop Town Centre constellation.

Katie Barnes - 'Glossop Cosmology'

'Glossop Cosmology'

Tags: Astronomy, Cartography, Craft-based, Geography, Illustration, Installation

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