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BA (Hons) Interactive Arts

Katie Rhodes

My work revolves around uplifting people. I create work with the aim to make people smile. My art made in the hope of being spotted, found and passed on to share a little bit of happiness with somebody else. I work in a Pop Up style, my pieces can be seen on the streets and other public places and will then disappear.

I take inspiration from typography on the streets and from the messages that people have sent in to my blog and recycle them for more people to see.

I carry on the theme of recycling by upcycling old items and using places that I consider unloved and forgotten in my work. By exploring charity shops and car boot sales I have a collection of frames and jars that I use in my work and find new uses for.

Katie Rhodes - Inspiration


Katie Rhodes

Katie Rhodes - Flower Font

Flower Font

Katie Rhodes

Katie Rhodes - Pop Up Love

Pop Up Love

Katie Rhodes - Pop Up Party

Pop Up Party

Tags: Collecting, Flowers, Frames, Happy, Letterpress, Love, Messages, Pop Up Love, Recycling, Reusing, Screen Print, Upcycling, Uplifting

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