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BA (Hons) Interactive Arts

Kay Woodley

Interview: Kay and Kay.   

Conversation with Myself.

Q:  What would you say your work is about?

A:  My work is about relationships.  I’m currently working with video to interview family, friends and acquaintances, asking them questions about myself. I want to know what they think of me, how they perceive me.

Q:  Why do you use the interview process to do this?

A:  Interviewing gives me a platform of authority.  I’m questioning the interviewee, from the perspective of a person they know; but I take on a more powerful role by becoming the interviewer.  I have the opportunity to bring attention to subject matters that wouldn’t ordinarily be discussed. 

Kay Woodley - 'Interview with Mum and Dad', 2011.

'Interview with Mum and Dad', 2011.

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