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BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

Kira Meyer

The vast expanses and depths of the oceans have always been fascinating to me. The palette of the sea is ever changing depending on the penetration of the light from the sun and yet, deep down in the cold and dark, wondrous and exotic sea sponges thrive.

I wanted this body of work to celebrate the various shades of the water column, from the abyss to the top and to capture and hold the natural and exquisite forms of the natural sea sponges.

The glass forms have been hand blown and polished and the natural sea sponges have been slip cast in porcelain and fired to stoneware.

Kira Meyer - Ocean Spirit 1

Ocean Spirit 1

Kira Meyer

Kira Meyer - Ocean Spirit Trio

Ocean Spirit Trio

Kira Meyer - Ocean Spirit Storm

Ocean Spirit Storm

Kira Meyer

Tags: Blown Glass, Ceramics

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