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BA (Hons) Fine Art

Lois Gilbert

My work deals with current issues which are a shared concern throughout soceity today, inparticular the lack of jobs and opportunity which are on offer.For example; the throw away society that surrounds us where meaning never lasts long, we always want the next thing. Considering this network of values we are experiencing where there is 'no alternative' this is an idea that artist Steve Lambert explores in his practice. The aspects of his work which I bring into mine is the ability of creating such an environment in which the audience can engage and discuss the ideas posed in the work I’ve exhibited. Through the careful selection of materials and strong consideration of colour i aim to achieve what is a successful campaign which voices what i believe is a shared outlook on the current financial state.

Lois Gilbert - untitled 1

untitled 1

Lois Gilbert - untitled 2

untitled 2

Lois Gilbert - untitled 3

untitled 3

Tags: A-frame, Campaign, Current Affairs, Employment, Financial State, Jobs, Mdf, Newspaper Headline, Plaquards, Poster, Protest, Screenprint, Text, Unemployment

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