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BA (Hons) Textiles

Louise Adele Whitaker

The inspiration for my final collection initially developed from a love of all things retro but it soon came to embody a more modern and surreal influence.  My fascination with the transience of light, iridescent surfaces and reflections led me to explore photography and use the scanner as a drawing tool. The blurring and distorting of imagery, making volumes appear to move and shift, has become a key feature within my work. Layering of shape and colour has also been integral in creating my drawings and subsequent designs, allowing some aspects to be revealed and others to be hidden. Throughout the course of the year I have repeatedly come across examples of the ever growing symbiotic relationship between fashion design and interior design. I have embraced this contemporary development by using a boutique shop as the context and designing for wallpaper/ upholstery fabrics as well as prints for fashion garments.

Louise Adele Whitaker - 'Night and Day' Batwing top

'Night and Day' Batwing top

Louise Adele Whitaker - Cut glass wallpaper

Cut glass wallpaper

Louise Adele Whitaker - 'Floral Fissure' print design

'Floral Fissure' print design

Louise Adele Whitaker - Circles fashion print

Circles fashion print

Louise Adele Whitaker - 'Piano Fun' print design

'Piano Fun' print design

Louise Adele Whitaker - 'Retro Days' print design

'Retro Days' print design

Tags: Digital Print, Fashion, Interiors, Print Design, Screen Print, Shop Boutique

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