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BA (Hons) Architecture

Lucy Geater

The project; Culture [re]Surge, Place [re]Define, is centred around the transient refugee population existing in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Key to the Northern Quarter’s history is an influx of Flemish Immigrants, who brought with them new weaving techniques which would prove pivotal to Manchester’s success as a cotton producer during the Industrial Revolution.

The project questions how this utilisation of other cultures may be mirrored in today’s society. Cultural workshops are therefore designed, allowing the Northern Quarter’s otherwise unseen refugee population, to teach key skills and crafts learnt in their origin countries to the public.

The architecture sits quietly within existing derelict structures, clustered around a secluded courtyard which is carved out of the city block.

I am currently looking for work as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant in the UK, particularly near to Manchester. Please contact me if you wish to see a CV or more of my work.

Lucy Geater - Programme Definition Process

Programme Definition Process

Lucy Geater - Light Penetration within Prayer Room

Light Penetration within Prayer Room

Lucy Geater - Elevations


Lucy Geater - First Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Lucy Geater - Elevations


Lucy Geater - Structural Section

Structural Section

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