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BA (Hons) Interior Design

Lucy Manski


This project has aimed to aid the major issue of unemployment that has hit Britain recently, especially in Manchester.

EX=CHANGE acts as an independent space, free from all direct association with the Government Welfare system.  It is a place where one can witness at first hand, something they might want to pursue in career or interest, as well as an exchange centre where one can either trade, swap or teach their skills or trades.

EX=CHANGE is housed in the Mackie Mayor building and was originally part of the Smithfield Market. Markets played an important role in Manchester’s history, but most of these halls have now disappeared from the face of Manchester.

Mackie Mayor is a cavernous structure filled with vibrancy and remembrance of chaos and deals being made. EX=CHANGE acts as a scheme that fits in with the history of the site, as it will restore and relate to the original space, by bringing its purpose up to date with a relevant issue of job seeking and exchanging in a futuristic, exciting market-like environment.  The project aims to draw all types of people to the centre, and act as a stimulating hub for a newly formed community.

Lucy Manski - 1st floor balcony looking onto the Ex_trade hall

1st floor balcony looking onto the Ex_trade hall

Lucy Manski - Ground floor entrance into the Job Centre

Ground floor entrance into the Job Centre

Tags: Advertise, Brand, Educational, Employment, Entrepreneurial, Exchange, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Learn, Model, Public Design, Survival, Visualisation

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