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BA (Hons) Interactive Arts

Marcin Wozniak

My practice is concerned with an investigation of memory and its influence on our perception of environment. I question the sense of belonging in the nomadic nature of the world in which I exist. Memory becomes a point of reference within understanding and adjusting to new surroundings, to help construct the present and shape identity.

I record abstraction within surrounding environment though the medium of video, collage and instillation. I use these as tools in presenting my perception of the surrounding world.  I believe the interplay of these mediums, helps me to understand myself in relation in to the environment that I inhabit.

I am interested in abstraction of temporary forms constructed within everyday environments. I realise there are artistic opportunities which, through the act of observing, results in unexpected outcomes.

Marcin Wozniak - continuity through change

continuity through change

Marcin Wozniak

Tags: Interactive Arts, Marcin Wozniak

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