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BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

Marie Canning

Inspired by the Victorian use, preservation and storage of herbal medicine, a range of small hand thrown vessels have been developed each carrying an important herb. 

Each vessel is unique in size and decoration, its herbal name and number visible as a record of the making process.  These vessels have been designed to be worn on your person or placed around your home in order to keep you safe and well.

Marie Canning - Basil.001


Marie Canning - Sea Spurrey.011

Sea Spurrey.011

Marie Canning - Basil.001


Marie Canning - Acacia.013


Marie Canning - Tea.007


Marie Canning - Wintersweet.005


Tags: Ceramic, Clay, Gold, Herbal, Jewellery, Porcelain, Thrown, Vessel, Victorian, Wire

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