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Bachelor of Architecture

Mark Ferguson

Engineering projects like the Manchester Ship Canal have exemplified the future looking and ambitious nature of the city.  Manchester Docks played a key role in the development of the city.  The usual response to the decline of old docks has been to remove the artefacts that defined an era and to replace them with standardised housing and shopping centres.

 ‘On the Waterfront’ aims to reverse this trend by reinstating these artefacts while creating a new local economy based on the creation of films, which has been identified as one of three major industries of growth over the next forty years.  Disused port structures, such as cranes, elevator and warehouses, are collected from around the world and transported to Pomona Island to be reassembled as part of an industrial film making landscape and park.  The reinstated structures are distributed across the site and are curated to create industrial filming locations.

Mark Ferguson - External View of Filming Street

External View of Filming Street

Mark Ferguson - 3D Section

3D Section

Mark Ferguson - External Envelope Construction

External Envelope Construction

Mark Ferguson - Section through Sound Stages

Section through Sound Stages

Mark Ferguson - Site Plan

Site Plan

Mark Ferguson - Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor Cinema

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