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BA (Hons) Architecture

Matthew Grant

In response to the August 2011 Riots ‘Lock ‘em up and Throw ‘em the Key’ presents a prototypical ‘correction facility' program. Situated in Collyhurst, Manchester, the program responds to vernacular issues of site and culture to ‘stitch’ together community values, reintroduce industrial activity and burgeon commercial success into the area. The building itself facilitates the complex hybrid requirements of incarceration, farming, manufacture and retail whilst employing emerging building technology to decontaminate the immediate and wider environment. The internees work towards the shared goal of providing a commercial output for the facility, porgressing through a program that equips them with skills to integrate back into society. 

Matthew Grant - Public Entrance Visualistion

Public Entrance Visualistion

Matthew Grant - Short Section

Short Section

Matthew Grant - Isometric - Process

Isometric - Process

Matthew Grant - Long Section

Long Section

Matthew Grant - Location Plan

Location Plan

Matthew Grant - Typical Plan

Typical Plan

Tags: Cleansing, Collyhurst, Earth-scraper, Incarceration, Mentoring

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