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BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

Miriam Jones

This project came about after a conversation on Kilimanjaro with a porter discussing farming. Some cultural differences became obvious on the topic of cattle.

This led me to research more deeply into the importance of owning cattle and how it affects your ownership, status and wealth within society; comparing  my Welsh background with African culture.

I took inspiration from farming objects and methods to contrast with Masai tribe jewellery and beliefs surrounding cattle; through various materials and processes.

Miriam Jones - copper tags bracelet.

copper tags bracelet.

Miriam Jones - brass spoon with hook.

brass spoon with hook.

Miriam Jones - tribal necklace with laser cut tags.

tribal necklace with laser cut tags.

Miriam Jones - cattle nose print statement necklace.

cattle nose print statement necklace.

Miriam Jones - measuring spoons

measuring spoons

Tags: Jewellery, Laser Cutting, Silversmithing, Woodturning

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