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Bachelor of Architecture

Mohammed Jamil

I have always been interested in how people interact with their surroundings and the effect it creates on them; my artistic flair has led me to explore this through studying architecture at Manchester School of Architecture.

I have worked on several assignments and have been exposed to various cities which have broadened my knowledge and understanding within the art and design arena.

I have a wealth of experience in dealing with clients and managing tasks in a friendly and positive manner, with the ability to work independently and use my own initiative. In my current part time job as a stock movement member, I am able to organise my academic work alongside working hours. Working in retail requires efficiency and good time management and I am able to demonstrate this successfully.  I am a highly motivated individual with a focus on design and development.

Alltogether, I am an intuative designer who pays attention to detail and learns through a visual process.I am incredibly self-motivated, committed and determined in achieving my goals.

Mohammed Jamil - Swimming pool hall - Sports Complex

Swimming pool hall - Sports Complex

Mohammed Jamil - Sports hall - Sports Complex

Sports hall - Sports Complex

Mohammed Jamil - Gymnasium - Sports Complex

Gymnasium - Sports Complex

Mohammed Jamil - Lobby - Sports Complex

Lobby - Sports Complex

Tags: Architecture, Auto Cad, Masterplanning, Photoshop

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