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BA (Hons) Photography

Morgane Elena Barker

When faced with the notion of ‘The British Landscape’ one would most likely conjure up the traditional images of picturesque scenes of perfection that have been instilled in our minds since the early 19th Century. In those days, artists such as John Constable and Edward Charles Williams painted pictures of quintessential British landscapes. Unfortunately perhaps, in reality, these archetypal scenes of beautiful countryside are now far more scarce in our time. The traditional has had to learn to live with the changes that ‘progress’ has brought and where one touches the other the notion of what is picturesque is often then re-defined. 

This body of work explores the relationship we have with the British Landscape in the present day, by questioning the idea of ‘the picturesque’. The series of photographs captures some of England’s most treasured locations.

Morgane Elena Barker - Intelligence Sheep

Intelligence Sheep

Morgane Elena Barker - Nuclear reserve

Nuclear reserve

Morgane Elena Barker - Burlington Slate District

Burlington Slate District

Morgane Elena Barker - Fiddler's Ferry

Fiddler's Ferry

Morgane Elena Barker - Have a Nuclear holiday

Have a Nuclear holiday

Tags: Brittish, England, Environment, Green, Industrial, Landscape

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