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BA (Hons) Photography

Natalie Ladden

When sharing images or sharing experiences we all remember different things, we all have points, colours, shapes, noises, sights and sounds that stay with us more than other. The experiences that each individual remembers will all be completely different.

As a photographer I found this extremely intriguing. When capturing an image we’re supposed to creating a collective memory so that people can share or relate to a subject, to provoke a reaction from the viewer, having this realisation, I soon saw multiple exposures as the true visual representation of  ‘collective memory’. A more honest representation of landscape than most singularly produced images in publication because it isn’t just a simple stand alone single image, there for all to see conforming to all those rules that previously and historically suggest a beautifully formed landscape. This is a snap shot of a collective landscape. A layered landscape constructed through memory and impression.

Natalie Ladden - impressions.


Natalie Ladden

Tags: Collective Memory, Landscape, Memory

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