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BA (Hons) Fine Art

Natasha McDonnell

I have become obsessed with drawing and the process behind my work. Repetition is a clear concept of mine but it is not just about repeating the same pattern. I use a stylistic technique that still keeps me interested in developing it in anyway that i can. Every idea is different. By perusing the line further it reveals more possibilities to me. I have used many mediums,I feel this communicates the dynamic scale of my work. The reception of my work always differs, however there is always a keen interest into where the line first began, and where or if it will end. The phycology behind my work becomes key, this is shown by the way the work is viewed as it can sometimes become disorientating for the viewer. Elements are often viewed as separate entities when they are really combined and connected together to create this illusion.

Natasha McDonnell - Lines  #14

Lines #14

Natasha McDonnell - Etched Prints  #3

Etched Prints #3

Natasha McDonnell - Lines Combined  #15

Lines Combined #15

Natasha McDonnell - Line from beginning  #12

Line from beginning #12

Natasha McDonnell - Large Scale Invert  #2

Large Scale Invert #2

Natasha McDonnell - Final Degree Show Piece

Final Degree Show Piece

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