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BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Pádraig Tierney

I have always been inspired by the past impacting on the present and the pending future. I have a strong will and creative sense with conviction in all I do. I live by the saying:

“Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” (Oscar Wilde)

I have a monochromatic mind and love nothing more than to create visuals inspired by the past, a modern film noir. I have always been interested by cultural identity and awareness, making subcultures a focal point in many of my recent works.

I am intrigued by the psychology of life, especially within the art and design world; the intention and perception of all which exists or yet to. The blurs of opinion and styles, a Jack of all trades!

I seem to create work which is always complimented by the design aesthetic and energy seems to be a recurring statement heard. I admit my work is full of energy and drama, through majority of my work I choose to use a hand on approach to harness the original craft of design, physically placing imagery and text where I choose it to go.

I aspire to work within the fashion industry, art direction of shows and photo shoots, styling and design prints for clothing.




Pádraig Tierney - Beauty


Pádraig Tierney - Head Banger

Head Banger

Pádraig Tierney - Laces type

Laces type

Pádraig Tierney - Lips


Pádraig Tierney - Noir


Pádraig Tierney - Collage


Tags: Cultural, Dark, Drama, Fetish, Identity, Ink, Photography, Print, Sub Culture, Underground

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