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BA (Hons) Interactive Arts

Philip Simpson

My practice, which attempts to merge and encompass the boundaries between classical teachings of photography with digital art and graphic approaches, is currently concerned with the city, society, contemporary culture and communicational media. I study the  context of reality and modern life as my subjects, where I set out to expose and interpret reality from an artistic perspective. Whether documenting the derelict and decaying, natural and artificial or the cultural and commercial, I always intend to reveal truths about the modern world. 

Travel is inherent in my practice. All my work revolves around the exploration and engagement with different environments, whether in my home country or abroad, travel consolidates my photographic ambitions and endorses my desire for worldly experiences. Travel and photography affirm my ideas about the contemporary world, where I continue to explore and record new cultures, lifestyles and landscapes, in intimate photographs that speak of their cultural identities. 

Philip Simpson - Reconstructivisim (2012) - Digital Composite

Reconstructivisim (2012) - Digital Composite

Tags: City, Composite, Digital Art, Graphic, Photography

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